Integrated Services Limited is a commercial venture started in 1993. It was the concept of engineers and philanthropists. The foundation for Sheba Phone was laid more than a decade ago when Integrated Services Limited first received its license to provide telecommunication facilities in 60% of rural Bangladesh (27 districts).
This task was a joint venture with Malaysia Telecom and was established as Sheba Telecom Pvt. Ltd. The Wireless Local Loop (WLL) technology used in this project was introduced as Sheba Access . Management view caused Malaysia Telecom to branch off into an urban mobile phone enterprise named Sheba World in 1997.
Integrated Services Limited had to make the decision to buy all shares of the company from Malaysia Telecom. Its new business partner was an Egyptian company called Orascom Telecom Holdings. Orascom took over Sheba World (presently known as Banglalink), while Integrated Services Limited retained the license for Sheba Access and continued providing rural telecom services.
Recently, Integrated Services Limited renamed Sheba Access to Sheba Phone in better accord with its focus on the provision of telecom services to the rural populations of Bangladesh.