Customer ServiceBILL SUPPORT

Monthly bill statement & itemized bill is sent to the customers in the 1st week of a month through General Post Office. Customers pay their bills in the designated branch of a designated bank. ISL has contracts with 3 major Banks namely Pubali Bank, National Bank and Arab Bangladesh Bank.

Customers can pay their bills in either one of these banks but only in their designated branches; usually there is at least one branch in each of our operational district. The list of designated branches can be found by calling our respective Regional Offices.
Call our customer center at 042-463-82222, 042-463-83333, 042-463-84444,042-463-85555, 042-463-86666, 042-463-87777, 042-463-89999, 042-463-85678, 042-463-86789, 042-463-81234 for further assistance.