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Q. What will happen to old subscribers who are using AMPS since 1995 when CDMA is introduced?



Existing customers can continue their patronage. Incentives are being considered to allow them to switch to CDMA easily. For example, a 25% discount of the cost of a new terminal; installment payments over a period of 6 months; or adjustments against the security deposit in excess of the price for the switchover.

Q. In the future, what will be the equipment type at the customer's end?
A.FWP and FWT.

Q. Fifty percent of the existing subscribers use fax with the present system. Will faxing be possible with the new system?

A. Fax will be available when FWT is offered.

Q. The BTTB's '012' international dialing code allows callers to make international directly. Will this be available to Sheba Phone customers in the future?
A.This facility will be made available to Sheba Phone customers this year.

Q. At the present call establishing time is high, will this improve with time?


With the introduction of the CDMA, the overall quality of service, including call establishing time will be better than other mobile operators in the country.

Q. What will be the new system?


Initially FWP and FWT will be introduced for voice service. Subsequently, data devises like SCADA terminal, credit card validation devises will be set up.

Q. How are telular sets powered?


FWPs and FWTs will have built in batteries that have to be charged by an external AC to DC power adapter.

Q. At what speed can data be transmitted with CDMA?

A. Burst speed can go up to 144 kbps.

At the present subscribers use built-in antenna as they are within a 10km range of RBS. Once new and further RBS/BTS are installed, what is the solution for the customers?


They will have to use out door antennas if they fall outside the range of 10 km. They will have to do this on their own. However, Sheba Phone will assist by recommending an antenna suitable for the locality in question.

Q. What is the recommended height of the tower for the outdoor antenna and what type of standard towers are to be used?


The recommended height for outdoor antennas is 6 & 9 meters. The towers can be constructed of GI pipe, bamboo or some other suitable material, or the antennas can mounted on trees. Options will be finalized after considering the customers' preference and affordability.

Q. What will be the range of indoor/outdoor antennas used in the CDMA system?


The range of internal antennas is estimated to be 5-8 km, and that of the external antennas is estimated to be 20-30 km or more.